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How does it work ?

Once you have the idea of organizing an event simply call us on


+33 1 30 80 42 21 or 

+33 6 07 95 43 64


No call centres ! Experienced and sharp Yellowpro's will carefully answer your questions, list your requirements and assist you in your project.


You will receive a customised selection of hotels and venues suited to your event in 24 - 48 hrs.


The Yellowpro you are in contact with will exclusively remain at your disposal until the event takes place.


You won't have to fill in any pre-requirement forms, we consider each request to be unique and treat it accordingly.


Nevertheless if you have a ready written request please feel free to send it to us.


Whatever stage your project is at - just call us !


Hotline +33 1 30 80 42 21

Cell      +33 6 07 95 43 64






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