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Yellowmeeting is dedicated venue finding for all types of corporate events.


We select a wide range of hotels and venues for clients who chose to keep the organisation internal or to outsource it.


We simply take care of finding the best suited hotel or venue that meets your event's requirements.


Current practices :


Many providers select venues on basic criteria and simply ignoring what you want to achieve with your specific event.


Some providers don't put you directly into contact with the selected venues. This tends to puzzle bothe sides.


This is why Yellowmeeting works independently from any hotels or other venues. We advise our clients in full transparency.

The chosen place for your event must suit, reflect and accompany your project's goal.


How do we work ?


We are hotel & venue broker.


"Savoir-faire" :


  • We list with you the specific requirements and match them to a selection of best suited hotels and venues.


  • We quickly supply you a selection.


  • We put you directly into to contact with the chosen venue whilst still remaining at your disposal for any assistance you need until your event takes place.


Our business model :


Many providers demand hotels and venues to subscribe in order to be referenced in their databases.

The venues are ranked and appear accordingly in the proposals sent to the clients such as yourselves.


We - on the other hand - chose to work for you. Our selection is exclusively based on our experience and 100% independant practice.


Yellowmeeting is dedicated to select venues that suit to your many distinguishable requirements.

This is what makes a difference for you ! 


Confidentiality :


External :


We keep all projects confidential - we do not communicate about our clients.


Internal :


When assisting you, we exclusively exchange information with the contact you give us and no one else.


This way we guarantee your project's complete confidentiality internally so there are no hidden surprises for you.


Quoting venues :


When requesting quotes from hotels and venues, we can keep our client's names confidential so that prices are not influenced by their reputation.


If you already have agreements with selected hotels or service providers we will ask for your agreement before giving your name.


Contact us for further information.






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